Basketball computer predictions

Welcome to our site where we present our computer based basketball predictions. Here you are going to find mostly betting predictions for the basketball matches from NBA made by our computer program Betting Solver.

It is important to note that right now, our computer program for basketball predictions is still in trial mode. This means that the program is still being adjusted and the success rate of the presented predictions is not yet high enough. According to the expectations, the real start of Betting Solver can be expected around December 2015. However, the program for basketball prediction already give some proper results, especially in the bet options for guessing of the exact difference between the teams with three and twelve possible outcomes.

When we mention adjusting we mean we are doing some important calibration of the values ​​of the input variables which Betting Solver calculates. This is made by practical tests, mostly by using the “Try – Error” method. It is important to note that although these variables for different sports are quite similar they have a different weight for every particular sport and league. Thus, if a variable is important when using a computer model for tennis betting predictions, it may not be particularly important in the basketball variation of the same type of program.

When the calibration of the program is completed we are going to announce it on this site for basketball predictions. We also will offer our NBA betting tips for free for all who want to take an advantage of them.

A few words about how this computer program for basketball predictions works. Broadly speaking, it performs simulations of a basketball game. After setting the needed 30 variables for the match, the program makes one million simulations of each match. In each of the simulations, it calculates the results for all the markets offered by the bookmakers. Then, it calculates the odds proposed by the bookies and calculate whether the prediction is profitable or not. This is shown in the form of positive or negative values ​​of ROI (Return of investments) for each bet.

As you will see from this site’s publications, all basketball betting markets, offered by the bookmakers are presented and calculated by Betting Solver. For every betting market the program presents information about how likely (in percentage) is the possible outcome to happen, what is the odds and what ROI it would give. ROI is calculated in one hundred units with each is a single bet.

Why did we make this site? The main idea is to be used as a database for the development of the program for basketball predictions. Through it everyone who is interested in sports betting and programming will be able to monitor the process of creating and testing of this program for basketball predictions.

Moreover, through this site, we hope to promote the idea of ​​a mathematical model for sports betting and to increase the use of the computers in sports betting. We, who stand behind this project deeply believe that the majority of sports betting fans could improve their understanding of the game. This is a serious problem because it leads to loss of money, something which may be limited, if more and more people understand and accept a scientific approach to betting.

Another point on which we want to emphasize is that sports betting must be done only for fun. It is absolutely important that the players spend only what the can afford to lose without causing problems to themselves or their families. If you or someone you have a problem with sports betting, you must talk with specialists. On the bottom of this page you could find links to specialized with such problems web sites.

Finally, a few words about what else you can find on this site. To be a really great site for basketball predictions we added a page for live scores of basketball matches. The service is supported by On this page you would be able to follow live the scores of hundreds basketball matches and leagues around the world. Moreover, we have prepared another page where you can compare the odds offered by various on online bookmakers. Thanks to it, you can be sure that you are betting on the highest odds possible, which is crucial for the final success. Making great predictions will not come without hard work. That’s why we wanted to say big thanks to CasinoParty who helped in the development of a betting algorithm that works. Now we can all enjoy better odds.

At the end, we only want to note that we will be glad to read any type comments or recommendations – positive or negative. You can contact us through our contact page and we will respond you as quickly as possible.

Good luck to all who are involved with sports betting and it should be primarily entertainment.

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News about development of the program for generation of basketball predictions:

17/03/2015 – There have been significant changes in the way the program calculates the defense of the teams. The impact of changes on the calculated predictions in certain matches could more than 10 percent in both ways.

15/03/2015 – A huge bug in the program code was found and removed. It was connected with the calculating of the success rate for three points attempts of the visitors. The impact of the bug on the results were between 3 and 12%.

14/03/2015 – A bug in the program code was found and removed from the program. It caused a distortion of the results for Under and Over the total number of points scored by both teams in the match. This problem also caused distortion in the percentages for the winner of the match.

14/03/2015 – There were made some changes in the value of several variables. A new test period has started.

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